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Our Process

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The process of installing insulation in a conservatory roof is extensive. The aim is to ensure that your conservatory remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To achieve this objective, a multi-foil insulation quilt is used.


This quilt consists of 19 layers of Aluminium foil along with insulation material. This allows it to provide excellent heat reflection.


The 19 layers ensure that even when there is heavy rainfall you will notice a 90 percent reduction in noise on the roof.


The insulation is always installed by professionals with a high level of training. Our experts take the time to ensure that there is no condensation when the insulation is installed in your conservatory roof.

Our unique process ensures that there is no chance of condensation in the future as well. We use a system called “cross ventilation” to help prevent condensation. This cross ventilation can be compared to the process that is used to install trickle vents. When trickle vents are installed at the base of each roof panel they provide an increase in airflow.


Two sets of subframes are used in the installation process. These are made of treated timber. The first of the timber frames are attached to the existing roof of the conservatory. This will facilitate a one-inch gap that is known as an “air gap”. The Insulation quilt will be attached to the frames.


When this is done the final layer of the treated timber framework is attached. This second layer has a sandwiching effect which ensures that the insulation quilt is securely held in place.


Once that is complete a lightweight UPVC plastic cladding is attached. However, the final process may not involve UPVC plastic cladding. Instead, the roof can be plaster boarded and skimmed.


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